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Video / installation, 2007 @ American Beauty, galerie baer, Dresden

Although the content was indeed autobiographical, the form and tone of the work was somewhat ironic, a bit quirky, and intentionally melodramatic.

The group of belongings that I took back with me to Germany were called the "survivors": the actual objects – as well as the suitcase and boxes used to bring them back – were displayed in the gallery in all their mundane vulnerability. They were accompanied by documentation revealing the "reasons for being selected to survive".

The items that had been disposed of, on the other hand, were named the "sacrificed". These, of course, couldn't be shown, and were therefore present only as the subject of the video. Viewers could look over my shoulder and listen as I read texts addressed to the objects I had discarded, and which contained a great deal of (trivial) autobiographical information.



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