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Freiraumnutzung: Recherchen vor Ort

(translation: "Free Space Utilization: On-Site Research") Staged photography (public art work), 2006 @ Oschatz 51,3° / 13,1°, art project for the 4th Saxon State Garden Show, Oschatz

The highly obvious "hyper-staged quality" (Christina Töpfer) and the densely arranged scenes were not (only) intended to produce a humorous effect, but rather serve as a reference to local differences of opinion and tensions. Thus, the photographs contain many details and allusions to situations that can only be understood by local residents. For example, the persons looking directly into the camera and wearing T-shirts printed with affirmative statements ("I think that’s quite sensible", "I enjoy that", "I don’t have a problem with that", "I’m quite satisfied") in each staged photo are references to incidents in Oschatz, which I had been told about.

The four staged photographs were taken at the Oschatz town park and at two farms in the area of Oschatz. I worked with Thilo Fröbel (camera) and Robert Thiele (video, assistence), who had also worked with me in 2004 on Pflege: Zwischen Zwangshandlung und kultureller Heldentat.

MORE about the curators of the art project for the 4th Saxon State Garden Show, Oschatz 51,3° / 13,1°: