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Irmtraud Morgner Lesen

(translation: "Reading Irmtraud Morgner") Installation, photography, video (memorial to the writer Irmtraud Morgner), 2008 Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz (permanently installed)

The memorial is now permanently on display in the Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz (Chemnitz Municipal Library), and is comprised of three elements: "Lesen" ("Reading"), "Nachlesen" ("Reading About") and "Vorlesen" ("Reading Aloud").

The section "Lesen" presents the photos, and challenges viewers to "read" them. A simple Flash-based navigation nearby directs the user to further information, which is organized into three main areas:

  • "Bildlektüre" ("Reading Images") includes an interactive "Bauplan des Bildes" ("Image Blueprint") for each of the four staged photographs. These can be used to find out which passages in Morgner's work are quoted by the pictorial elements. In addition, there are making-of video clips for the staged scenes, as well as other information (e.g. about the actors and locations).
  • A selection of biographical information and author quotes are available for users in the segment called "Nachlesen" ("Reading About").
  • The area called "Vorlesen" ("Reading Aloud") is comprised of video clips of people reading their favorite passages from Irmtraud Morgner's literary work, which are presented without any interpretation or explanation whatsoever.


For the staged scenes, I worked with Thilo Fröbel (camera) and Robert Thiele (video, assistence).
An exhibition copy of Irmtraud Morgner Lesen has been shown twice so far, most recently in the exhibition Ausstellung "Entdeckt! Rebellische Künstlerinnen in der DDR" ("Discovered! Rebellious Women Artists in the GDR"), Kunsthalle Mannheim, 2011.



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